Heel Nijmegen Plat #1 – september 2010
Heel Nijmegen Plat (HNP) started in 2010 because members of the Kollektief Kafee Bijstand, Collectief Eetcafe de Plak and the Onderbroek Collectief wanted to organise a festival together. Under the name of Heel Nijmegen Plat an organisation was created that, by means of a yearly festival, promotes diverse collectives in Nijmegen. The first edition took place on the 18th of september on which eight bands and multiple DJ’s performed.

Heel Nijmegen Plat #2 – april 2012
After a succesfull first edition there was a lot of enthousiasm to organise a second edition and slowly the festival expanded. More collectives and volunteers joined the group and the second edition was a fact. On the 14th and 15th of april 2012 the festival took place. In cooperation with Collectief Eetcafe de Klinker, that is situated just like de Onderbroek in the building de Grote Broek, a program for the Sunday was added; the hangover-brunch. At this moment the hangover-brunch is a regular part of the festival and it’s know in Nijmegen and far outside.

Heel Nijmegen Plat #3 – april 2013
As if the second edition wasn’t enough, the team got expanded again with the art-collective Collectief Derde Wal, Anarchist Group Nijmegen and Anarchist Black Cross. The festival now even consisted of 3 days, the 19th, 20th and 21st of april. Also the organisation decided to donate eventual profits of the festival collectives that work hard for a better world. Because of the huge succes of this edition an amount of 3000 euros was donated to Vluchthuis Den Haag, who help refugees, and Anarchist Mobile School from Manilla. That last could use the money very well when at the end of 2013 tyfoon Hayan hit the Phillipines. Directly after the typhoon they went into the disaster area to supply the people with power from solar panels.

Heel Nijmegen Plat #4 – mei 2014
This year HNP will steadily grow and will have more than ever to offer for you from the 16th untill the 18th of may 2014. At least 15 bands, many dj’s and artists will be heard and seen in Nijmegen from five different locations. Art-collective Extrapool and the ‘Plupub’, located in de Paraplufabrieken, will make the HNP family larger! More music, more art, more collective crazyness…