Heel Nijmegen Plat is a festival organised by a group of people, representing various collectives from Nijmegen. Three days long we’ve selected a variety of bands, dj’s, acts and artists.

FRIDAY  | May 16 from 19.00 until 04.00 | 4 euros entrance
Diner in ‘de Klinker’ cooked by Mulawan, make a reservation first by calling 024 360 52 08 or mulawan@grotebroek.nl
After diner bands will play in ‘de Extrapool’ and ‘de Onderbroek’, after the bands there will be an afterparty at ‘de Onderbroek’ with Dj PNOQ.

SATURDAY | May 17 from 14.00 until 06.00 | 4 euros entrance between 18.00 and 20.00 and 6 euros entrance after 20.00
Hang out, listen to music and have a drink or a snack at Dagcafe in ‘de Klinker’.
In the evening there will be diner served in both ‘de Klinker’ and ‘de Plak’ (make sure to make a reservation!). During and after diner there will be 8 bands performing in ‘de Bijstand’ and ‘de Onderbroek’. ‘De Plak’ and ‘de Onderbroek’ will host afterparties from midnight until the early morning!

SUNDAY | May 18 from 13.00 until 00.00 | Free entrance
Have a good detox in ‘de Klinker’ at the Hangover-brunch with live music from the folk trio Sprank. Afterwards there will be film and DIY activities at ‘de Plupub’ in collaboration with MawMaw.

All times and places can be found by clicking this link.
The full list of bands, dj’s and artists can be found here.